Clean Skin Tips

Hi guys! Today we will give you a tip for you to get your own clean skin!

Always wash your face after you going out or before you go to bed!

It’s really important to keep your face clean. So, make sure to wash your face once you reach at home, because there are a lot of bacteria out there & plus your face will become so dirty & oily.. Euww.. I’m pretty sure that you don’t want the pimple comes out, right? 🙁

Don’t touch your face if your hands are dirty!

Skin is one of the most sensitive part in our body, especially our face.. So, if your hands are dirty, don’t you ever ever touch your face.. You have no idea for what bacteria floods on your hand after you touch your phone, your keyboard, your bag, elevator button, or anything else. So, wash your hand first, please ~ (It would be the best, if you can hands off from your face xD)

Change your pillowcase every week

Some people don’t know if pillow case is also one of the reason why pimple comes out. Yes, the only way is you have to change it weekly. So, it will keep clean 😀

Drink more water ^^

Yes, water will help you to give more fluid & help to smooth your body’s metabolism ^^ Water is really good for skin, it will makes your skin much brighter & cleaner. At least, you have to take 8 liters per day. but don’t too much okay 🙂

Don’t forget to take drink some Lemon water!

Lemon is a good choice to be your favorite fruit for your skin ^^ It has a lot of vitamin C so as to nourish your skin and make it more clean and fresh. You can just cut the lemon to a small pieces & combine it with your mineral water ^^

Don’t use make up if there’s no special occasion 🙂

Don’t you realized that make up product contains a chemical material and it’s not good for your skin. Avoid to use makeup if it’s not important. Let your skin breath 🙂

Consump fruits & vegetables

Fruits & vegetables contain powerful antioxidants that help to protect skin from the cellular damage caused by free radicals.Eat a rainbow of colorful fruit and vegetables and aim for at least five portions a day.

Keep your hair off from your face

Oil & dirt can stick everywhere, especially your hair. Make sure that your hair off from your face, wash your hair regularly & tie your hair 🙂

Be gentle with your face

Don’t squish your face 🙁 It’s gonna hurt it.. You can massage your face for your blood circulation , but you have to do it smoothly 🙂 oh, please use smooth towel for your face ^^

Well, let’s start to keep our face clean, so you will look prettier! If you have another tips, you can freely comment down below~ ♥

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