Miyakejima, The Gas Mask Island

Miyake-jima, The Gas Mask Island

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Miyakejima, an island that located 180 kilometres south of Tokyo, is one of the most unique & threatened island in the world. The main problem of this island is the active main volcano, Mount Oyama, that has erupted several times in recent history.

In 2000, the largest eruption happened and the island was completely evacuated. After a four-year period of volcanic emissions, residents were allowed to return permanently on February 1, 2005. After the eruption, there has been a constant flow of sulfuric gas coming from Mount Oyama. This incident has made this island into “The Mask Island”.

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Well, of course no one expect about this. All of the residents must always use their mask gas to survive. All the activities in this island like school, business, parties, wedding, funeral, etc, is done behind the glass.

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However, even this island is dangerous and frightening, it has became one of the tourist visits. Yeah, the tourist can visit the island with the available mask that ready to sold at many tourist shop on the island. You even can have a sight seeing and take a tour of abandon houses, flatten cars, school destroyed by lava.

So, is it on your holiday list now?

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